Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts thus far

...on housesitting:

1. LOVE the huge, soft king-sized bed with 500 thread count sheets. Man, how do they get up in the morning?

2. Trying to get used to having a pack of dogs interested in my every move. I could easily go the route of finding it extremely annoying, but then I'd just be mad all week. It's cool...I'm a pack leader...really...

3. HATE the stairs. I am more convinced than ever that I want a ranch-style house when we move.

4. I think we could actually get away with putting Audrey in a big-girl bed now. I was putting it off, but she's doing fine!


  1. Ha! You're so funny. Love the "pack leader" comment especially!

  2. Your like Cesar Milan, you are the pack leader.

    Moving to the big bed was more stressful for me than the child. I worried about him getting up and wandering around. Now my biggest worry is how to get him to stop jumping on the bed when he wakes up in the morning. It sounds like the bed is goin to rocket through my ceiling.

  3. Oh I bet you guys are sleeping GOOD in that bed! :) Have fun with your zoo!