Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Update

1. Nick got his wisdom teeth out Friday. In case you missed my comments on FB, he had four huge impacted teeth that took them a full hour to get out. He also needed a bone graft behind one of them to make sure he didn't lose the next molar. Then, when they took one of his top teeth out, there was no bone between the tooth and his sinus. So he had a hole through to his sinus that they filled with collagen. So, all that to say, he's been one miserable dude the past three days. He felt quite a bit better this morning, and went to work. Hopefully he has a good day.

2. Taking care of everybody was more work than I think I've ever done. I am very blessed to have such an attentive, hard-working husband who does so much for my kids and me. I have new found compassion for single parents, that's for sure!

3. The brand of bread I usually buy (free of yeast, dairy, soy, gluten, egg - Nick says not many people have figured out how to make bread without ingredients. Ha!) has been back-ordered at our grocery store for weeks, so I've been looking for alternatives. This worked pretty well this week, even with egg replacer. Not incredible flavor, but decent texture and definitely filling and full of fiber.

4. Still messing around with the sourdough thing. I'm getting closer with the starter. But, I'm finding no recipes for gluten free sourdough bread online that use real sourdough starter rather than one started with yeast packets that have allergens in them. I may have to create my own...which sounds a little scary and expensive.

5. Down to two (well, really three) students. It's a tradeoff - money or free time?

6. I found this super neat website, full of sewing projects and crafts. I found a stuffed bunny and a stuffed kitty that I'm making for the girls, after finding my sewing machine manual online, and cleaning and oiling my machine so it actually works right. I think they'll love them. :) I actually took I think two years of sewing lessons when I was homeschooled...I think I was 12. It amazes me how much comes back to me when I start working!

7. Thanksgiving - I'm excited. This is probably my favorite holiday. Good food, laughing with family around the table, remembering all the things God has blessed us with, and very little commercialism. Funny how being grateful doesn't really sell much... I chatted with my mom last night about our big family meal, and we're going to stuff the turkey with GF stuffing and make some other minor changes that will make dinner easy for us without changing it a ton for the others. On Friday I will make our own gluten free feast at our house. I really enjoy this! Cooking has become such an outlet for me lately. It's funny...I never would have guessed that would happen.

8. Was at Walmart for diapers the other night (Walmart has much better off-brand diapers than Target, so I have resigned myself), and found one of those wide scarves for $5. I was excited. I made one of our clients show me how she ties hers the other night, and I wore my scarf yesterday and was warm. :) It's the little things...

Alright. Boring myself, so I'll go. What's going on in your world?

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