Saturday, November 1, 2008

More pics

Audrey refusing to have her picture taken. ;)

The girls with my sister Amy - who is 17 and still LOVES going trick-or-treating with her friends. :)

Our small group met up at church, which was so nice! In the midst of the hysteria, friends! :) (Robby and Joanna got there right after this and I'm so sad they're not in the picture! We had to take it quick before we lost all the kiddos!)
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  1. Adorable. I still think Hannah looks just like you did as a little girl. I love the pic of Audrey with her eyes closed as if she can't see you then that makes it all go away. I have a pic of my oldest with Santa, she had the same idea.

    Your sister is one of the kids I refuse to give candy to. When you're old enough to drive yourself to the store to buy candy, I won't give you any. ;)