Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Random to follow the last post with this, but I've been thinking about it all morning...

Would any of you, my dear readers, be interested in starting a "team" blog? Off the top of my head, I feel so compelled right now to encourage mothers. Our job is so huge and so important, and so little value is given to us in the media and society right now. We need to nurture each other (has anyone else read Lisa Bevere's book Nuture? - you should!)

As we all know, it's very difficult to continually post encouraging things. We all have bad days, or just days when we don't have much to say. But I love the idea of working on something like that together. We probably need to clarify the vision a bit too, so any thoughts on that are welcome! Any interest, fellow bloggers?


  1. Well, my dear. It seems you have silenced the masses! ;) I think this is such a great idea, though I'm not sure I'm volunteering. I'm not exactly eloquent or well spoken, though I do have such a great desire to reach out (and be reach out to) to other moms. I think it's more obvious to me because we are dealing with circumstances that so often seem "isolating", like having to eat gluten/casein/ Sometimes it feels so lonely and I know there are other moms who are going through the same things...

    Agghh...too heavy for the night before Thanksgiving. Gotta go prepare my $30 turkey for my precious little boy! :)

    I miss you.

  2. I'm trying to tell myself that everyone's busy. ;)

    Um...who said eloquence was a requirement? :) I don't consider myself particularly eloquent either, but I ramble anyway! Ha!

    It's heart I'm hoping for - we're not supposed to worry about the words, because God told us those would be given at the right time, you know? And I'm not thinking of asking for any particular commitment - each person can add what they have to say, when they have it to say. It can become what God wants it to.

    I so hate that isolation thing - you know, the thing that tries to tell us we're all alone and no one else experiences what we experience?

    I'll be right there with ya on the $30 turkey. It will be delicious! :)

    Miss you too.

  3. I'm in...I kind of try to tailor my blog to that area, but I'd be happy to contribute more! Fill me in on the details, and Happy (gluten-free) Thanksgiving!

  4. Great! I'm excited to have you, Shelly; I'll be in touch!

  5. By the way - I really really want moms of all ages to do this with. Lisa's book Nuture talks about the relationship between what she calls the "daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers." I would be overjoyed to have each of those roles covered in the group doing this blog. Please don't discredit yourself because you're too young, too old, or whatever. If you want to do this, we need you!

  6. This is a great idea Sara. If I can be of any help - let me know!