Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly Update feels like forever since I did this!

1. 2nd fitting tonight for Tarah. Her dress has a low backed strapless corset, and we're a little concerned about the fit... I hope it will work well. I actually ordered some of that dress tape they use on red carpet gowns to try with it.

2. Nick worked until almost 4 on Saturday, so our weekend felt pretty short. He had hours to catch up on, so he worked like 58 hours last week, I think. Whew.

3. Thanksgiving...I'm starting to think about our menu. We will spend Thanksgiving with my family, but I usually do a complete gluten free meal of our own on Friday. I really enjoy doing it each year! I am finding cooking to be a creative outlet for me lately.

4. On cooking - I am still working with the sourdough starter. This is the third attempt. :) It is supposed to double in size after feeding, within 3-6 hours. It takes more like 12 hours, and it never really doubles. I made a delicious pizza crust/foccacia bread thing with it the other night, but I have been scared to try a whole loaf of bread because I hate for it to turn out like a brick. :)

5. Hannah is doing a new reward system for potty-training. Every time she goes potty she gets a sticker, and when she gets 15, she gets to go on a "date" with mommy or daddy. So, our first date was last night. She wanted to go to Wahoo's for dinner, and then we played around at Target. She seemed really indifferent to the whole thing and I was a little disappointed, honestly. I hoped she would be excited and open up. That said, she does seem really positive with me this morning, like she does feel more connected. She just has a really different way of showing that than I do. I so badly want to "get" her. I'm praying about that a lot right now.

6. Made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins over the weekend. I have made these several times, and they turn out so yummy! This is also one of the few cakey recipes I've found that allow for egg replacer without falling in the middle. Yum.

7. Nick's getting his wisdom teeth out on Friday. He's kind of nervous about it. He did such a good job taking care of me with mine. Now it's my turn! If anyone needs me, I'll be single-handedly running the house next weekend. :)

8. Doesn't this look cute and fairly easy? I really want to make something for my kids for Christmas. Maybe this?

9. I got Volume One of Charlotte Mason's writings from Paperbackswap the other day. Oh my goodness. This is how we homeschooled when I was a kid! It's so funny to me that my mom has never heard of her, because she did so much by her teachings. I am finding it to be incredible encouraging and challenging at the same time. The other thing that makes it enjoyable is the style of writing - reminds me so much of a Jane Austen novel. Mason lived around the turn of last century. Thoroughly entertaining.

10. (Are you tired of me yet? I have lots to say today.) This is the last week of lessons for school of worship, which means I go from five students to two. Know anyone who needs lessons?

OK. My house is a wreck. I better get busy!


  1. Wow, you did have lots to say! :-)

    I looked at that rag doll- too cute. I love how they made it with different fabric like a dress and tights. I may just whip up one of those for my little Ava's stocking at Christmas.

    The gown sounds exciting. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I know what you mean about "getting" your child. It is hard when you have a child whose personality is different from your own.

    You just need to learn her love language. I work on this everyday with Cole because I feel like I don't "get" him. For him...I think his love language is quality time. He is better behaved if Chris and I spend one-on-one time with him. In the moment he may not act like it, but later it pays off.

    The sourdough is specifically sourdough bread or just good gluten free bread in general you are trying to achieve?

  3. Yeah, I wonder if that is the case with Hannah too. Audrey came so fast that she didn't have a lot of time with me by herself. We're trying to do more of that.

    The point of the sourdough is the yeast, actually. Yeast in the packets bother our stomachs around here, but true sourdough uses wild occurring yeast that we already eat when we eat flour. So we're hoping it will work for us. So far so good...

  4. are so amazing and domestic. It makes my head hurt just thinking about trying to convert a recipe to gluten-free, and I don't even know what a sourdough starter is. You are incredible!