Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I feel terrible today. The cold that has been threatening my kids for two months finally seems to be bugging them and me. Something I ate yesterday hurt my stomach. I didn't go to bed until late, and Hannah decided to get up at 6. We don't do 6 at our house...how about 7:30 or 8? The Jetta is broken again/still (it's a different issue now) so we can't go anywhere. The house is a mess and I have no motivation. I haven't been very nice to the kids today, mainly because I have no energy to "help" them mind or clean up messes. I exercised too hard yesterday and can hardly move today. (Yes, I see all the "I's" in this paragraph. Yes, I'm whining a bit.) Money - no explanation needed.

I know some days are just like this, but I wish life could be without the "survival" days. I wish there was some way to overcome them every time, and make each day full of life and good things. Sometimes all you can do is feed the kids and keep them safe for the day. Waiting out time. It feels like a waste...

On the other hand, we got a ton of food last night for a surprising amount of money. My cupboards and fridge of full of fun things to make and eat. The girls are laughing and playing happily - they are the best of friends lately. Nick is getting better and better. I will probably get a nap this afternoon when the girls go down for theirs in a few minutes. We got another Maeve deposit yesterday - a gown for April that we were hoping for but not really expecting. It's going to be gorgeous - all silk! My kitty loves me. I have a little pile of remnant fabric from Walmart to make clothes for the girls' stuffed animals (a kitty and a bunny that are nearly finished). I also got things to make paper chains with Hannah - kids' scissors, glue sticks, construction paper...I can't wait to show her.

All in all, that doesn't really sound that bad. I bet I take a nap and feel much better. Thank you for reading my therapy session. Feel free to add your own. ;)

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