Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who are all you people?

Okay, so I've been getting 20 hits a day lately on this blog. I don't think I have that many friends, :) so I declare this national de-lurking day. I want to meet new people who like the things that I like. Introduce yourself!


  1. OK I'm not really a lurker, more a stumbler - your blog is a few "next blog" clicks away from my wife's. And I've never been here before...

    I can advise you about potty training though - don't rush it or push it, the kids will do it in their own good time. That's how it went with our three girls, anyway.

    All the best from Australia. John

  2. I only stumbled across your blog yesterday because I looked up "potty training" to see what came up. I came upon your blog and enjoyed your humor and realness.

    Anyway, I am from Pennsylvania.

  3. Hey Sara, you know I love your blog and check it daily when I log onto the net (along with all the other blogs I read). I also forwarded your blog to Scarlet (who is pregnant by the way--can you believe it). Anyhow...LOVE YOU!!!

  4. You know me...I count for at least one daily check in:)

  5. well, you know me.

    i am turkey lurkey.

    and i check up on you nearly every day.

    lunch soon.


  6. I have heard those who read without commenting referred to as "blog-stalkers". I have Stat Counter on my blog and I get hits from people all over the world. Weird.

    I'm back to blogger after I took about two months off from reading/writing, so I may have contributed to your recent increase in hits.

    I enjoy reading your blog, you always have something interesting to read when I check in. I also think it's fun because we knew eachother a long time ago in a land far away and I found your blog!

  7. Nice to hear from you all...

    Somebody from Australia read my blog. Weird! Hi, John!

    TCC - nice to meet you. Funny I put potty training in my blog for the first time that day. :) Probably not coincidence!

    Christina - I still can't believe Scarlet is pregnant. That is so cool.

    Flo - I would love to meet you in real life someday. I want to come to one of your shows!

    SaraW - Lunch soon for real!

    Laura - it is a crazy thing to be back in touch. I'm glad you're here.

  8. BTW, I was at my Granny's house (Katy Ramsey) this weekend and we were going through pictures. Guess what I found? She has a pic of you and all your siblings from 1998!

    It was probably in a Christmas card, you are all sitting on a bench under a tree. Everyone looked like the last time I saw you when you moved from CA, you've probably changed some since then.

    Funny how things come around... God's timing is definitely not coincidence.

  9. Laura,
    I graduated high school in 1998. I think I know exactly the picture you're talking about. That is really funny. :)