Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Curtains! I spent the evening last night doing this project. It didn't quit turn out as thick as I planned, so I think I'm going to get something to tack to the back of it. The girls were up at 6:15 today. This is not okay with me. I also need a tieback and something to mount on the wall to tie it to. But, this is a whole lot better than the blanket we've been hanging with nails to cover the window! Curtains have been one of those luxuries that have not been a high priority because we have (ugly) mini-blinds on the windows. I told Nick, "Look, we have curtains (on one window, anyway), we live in a real house!"

I understand now why stay at home moms typically get into doing projects like this - or knitting, etc.:
#1 - There is a right and wrong way to do it. If you do it the right way, it will turn out good. This does not describe much of what we do during the day.
#2 - You work on it, and eventually it is finished. It doesn't undo itself, or fall off the window, unlike dishes that always need to be done again, and diapers that always get wet again. That sense of accomplishment is nice.

Now I want to make Audrey a dress for her birthday in August...


  1. I totally agree with projects and SAHM's. I didn't stay home until after we had our second son and then I started to re-learn how to knit and crochet (from like 20 years ago when I first learned) as well as a ton of other things. No curtains yet though. I haven't tackled the sewing machine. Still scares me. Your's turned out beautifully!

  2. Thanks! I want to learn knitting and crocheting also.