Monday, June 25, 2007


We had a busy week last week. Company for dinner, a recital for one of my students, starting potty training, Father's Day... It kept me hopping.

I've decided that potty training is a weird thing. First of all, it's messy. Whoa. Yuck. Second of all, it doesn't come naturally. I'm an intelligent, kind individual, you'd think I could figure out how to teach my kid to use the potty. Not so much. How do you get them to understand they need to use the toilet instead of their diaper? Here's what we've been doing:

Mom: sets the timer. When it rings, takes kid to the bathroom.
Kid: is dry when the timer goes off.
Mom: overjoyed that kid is dry, puts kid on toilet. Reads books, sings songs, and does cartwheels trying to keep kid entertained long enough so she can go.
Kid: doesn't get it
Mom: sighs and puts pull-up back on kid
Kid: goes.

This has been the past week. I have had days of great patience, and days I have felt bad about. I keep hoping for just one little success...

This week we're having company from Oregon. Cousin Ken is my mom's double cousin. My Gramma's sister married my Grampa's brother and had Ken, and therefore Ken is related on both sides of the family. He runs a family counseling-type ministry. He's a great guy and always a big encouragement to have around. I look forward to seeing him. His daughters are around my age and are both missionaries.

I only have one hour of piano to teach this week. Know anybody looking for a teacher? I need some more students.

I'm taking a poll: our 2002 Jetta is for sale. According to kbb, it's worth at least $7000, even with the dent in the passenger side door and the fact that the check engine light is on because some sensors need to be replaced. We could put money into it to fix those things, but with them fixed, the car is worth $8000 if we're lucky, and the repairs would probably cost more than that $1000. So, here's my question - would you buy a car like that? We really need to get rid of it and buy out the lease that ends in September, otherwise we have other issues to deal with. It's kind of a dilemma.

OK, I've done enough rambling for today. Have a great day!

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