Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

-I think I dreamed about moving boxes last night. We don't have that much stuff, but all my thoughts are occupied with getting ready to move.
-We're getting cable again when we move, because with the local company, it's like $8 more than for just internet. I have mixed feelings about this.
-Oh man, I got the worst cold/flu I've had in a long time over the weekend. I'm feeling much better today. We were joking that it was swine flu. We've all had it now, so I half hope that's what it was. No fever, just incredibly congested and achy. Oscillo works great on it though (it's homeopathic medicine made from a duck egg, which all makes sense, if you understand homeopathics). I was doing silver and vit c and getting sicker and sicker...
-I love Twitter. I find the coolest things on there.
-Why do important errands for Maeve come up only on the days when neither Holly or I can do anything about them? Stressful!
-Went out to the new house again last night. Gotta get stuff to cover several windows. The windows in the house are HUGE, which is great for light, but expensive to cover, even with roller blinds. We'll have to do one room at a time and use blankets for a while, I think. Maybe I can find good deals on actual curtains? Or make them out of clearance sheets maybe?
-There is a hot tub in the backyard at the new house that currently doesn't work. We figured the landlord would pull it out rather than pay to fix it. But when we asked him about it, he said he's planning to fix it within the next couple months. (Not that I can use it anyway since I'm pregnant, but you all can! :) So...party at our house!
-I made sweet potato fries as part of our dinner last night. I haven't perfected the recipe, probably having something to do with the fact that I get impatient and leave pieces too big rather than cutting them down thin and all the same size. However, I could eat them till I'm sick anyway. SO good.
-Oh man, it's currently 77 degrees at my house. Every window that opens is open, and the pine trees smell incredible!
-OK, here's a story: I am very much due for a visit to the dentist. In the mail a couple of weeks ago, I got a postcard from a new dentist that is offering free whitening products for life if you go to them. The dentist I usually go to is excellent, albeit very expensive. Do I try this? Will I be sorry? Sure would be nice to have whiter teeth...
-Feeling a little lonesome this week, between being sick and trying to pack (thus the ridiculously long, random post). Moving boxes do not carry on conversations so well (not that I've tried!). Talk to me. :)


  1. Hi, I am lonely too today. I have now been stuck in the house without driving for almost two weeks and still have at least two weeks to go...I really miss my car!
    Are you going to post pics of the new house? It sounds like it will be great for you guys. I love the challenge of getting used to a new place and decorating. However, I have been living here for five years and just now am starting to feel organized. Do you guys have a Bed Bath and Beyond? If so, you should save up their 20% coupons for your window coverings. I think you can use more than one coupon per transaction. Good luck getting all the packing done. Wish I was closer and I would come help, of course you would have to come pick me up :).

  2. Sorry you have been so sick friend! :(

    Don't you hate when you dream what you did all day or something along the lines of it? It makes me feel like I didn't get to sleep and I was up working all night!

    Will you send me that dentists number? I've been looking for a new one and I'm totally up for trying one with free whitening!