Saturday, May 16, 2009

hi there

This has been a WEEK, let me tell ya.

But, since I collapsed on the couch when we got home at 5, and Nick is now sound asleep in the recliner, I'm giving a little update.

-Went to a college friend's seminary graduation today. His dad took the entire crowd to dinner at Ted's afterward. Everyone ordered steak, drinks and even some dessert. The tab was HUNDREDS of dollars. Our kids absolutely blew me away today. Not only did they sit through the two hour ceremony, but lunch at a nice restaurant too. Since when can they do that?

-I've been packing the house a little each day. Many of our shelves are empty, and we're down to the things we use every day. It's a weird feeling. I'm antsy to actually sign the lease and get the keys. It's been two years of this tiny living space - hard to believe it's almost over.

-We all finally got the cold that's been going around, along with achiness and plugged ears and cough. The girls are pretty much done with it, but I crashed yesterday and today. Hopefully the worst of it is over. I'm not even that congested, but my ears are plugged. Between that, morning sickness, first trimester tiredness, and packing, I've been occupied. 3 1/2 weeks till 1st trimester is over! I scheduled my first prenatal appt. Yay! And the other night I woke up on my back and my right leg was asleep. A little early for that, don't we think? Seriously, it's like my body remembers how to do this a little too well...

-My grandparents arrive from CA tomorrow night. My youngest sister Amy graduates from high school on Thursday. This means we have church and family stuff tomorrow, family in town Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, graduation ceremony stuff Thursday, her grad party Friday, and then moving Saturday. I think I probably need to put the stuff we use every day in suitcases, and then knock out the rest of the packing ASAP.

-Oh, while we were at the restaurant today, Nick took Hannah to the bathroom. A guy was walking in, and Hannah, with a huge arm gesture to show the way, said to him, "Help yourself!" Where do they get these things?

I suppose I should gather my snoring husband and go to bed. Hope your week was great!

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