Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekly Update

Christmas Shoes

I don't feel like doing this today. Not sure why. Maybe I'll figure it out?

1. My Gramma is here this weekend from Southern CA. We've been having fun hanging out and eating out. It's been a long time since we've seen her. Wish Grampa could have come too. She bought the girls their Christmas outfits, and even got me a pair of warm boots. I'm very grateful!

2. We finally got the tree and decorations up this weekend. It feels a lot more like Christmas. Getting the tree up was an adventure in and of itself...the trunk of the tree wouldn't fit in the stand we had, so Nick had to go back to Walmart (a 30-40 minute roundtrip) and get another one. By the time we got it all up, it was...later than I care to admit. The girls were very tired Sunday, as Hannah lately gets up at 7:15 no matter what time she goes to bed. (Why do kids do that?) Like I told one friend, life provides much better material than movies...

3. I keep searching for a bread recipe we can eat. I have another one I'm going to try. It will have to be more like quick bread because of no yeast, which just doesn't have the sandwich bread consistency I wish we could find. Our health food store no longer seems to carry the one brand of bread we could eat, so we're going without. I miss my toast and almond butter - one of my favorite snacks!

4. We had our first real business crisis on Saturday. At what should have been her final fitting, the bride tried on the dress and the seamstress who put the zipper in had made the dress too small to zip up. I looked over at Holly as she was trying to get it to zip and my stomach dropped when I saw the look on her face. This bride's wedding is this coming Saturday. It can and will be fixed in time, but with several hours of work. We usually aim to be finished with gowns a month in advance, but did this dress in two months total, because of their short engagement. Whew. Stress? Just a little. I'm just glad it can be fixed...

5. We have two Christmas parties this week, both with (lots of) kids. I think the goal is at least partially organized chaos...if we hit that for an hour, we have succeeded. :)

6. The cottage across the street from us is for rent again. It is 700 sq ft, 2 bed 1 bath for $600 a month. It has a fenced yard, and looks (from the outside) like they take pretty good care of it. Somebody who's not a weirdo, please come rent this! :)See how cute it is?

OK, I think I'm done for today. Just feeling a little burnt out and tired. Maybe I'll go cuddle my kiddos and watch Little Einsteins for a while... :)


  1. If the cottage had one more bedroom we'd come. I'm tired of base housing. Too many politics around here.

    I know what you are talking about when the kids get up at a certain time no matter what time you put them to bed. My kids for the last few weeks wake up at 5:50 on the friggen dot. OMG. No. I send them back and it lasts about 15 minutes before all the excuses pour in and then it's not even worth sleeping anymore. Joanna told me about this light that you hang by their door that turns green when they are allowed to come out. I think she saw it in a magazine. I might be trying it soon lol.

  2. That cottage is cute, it's just oozing with potential!
    Cuddling with kiddos and Little Einsteins sounds nice...we made Flubber today for our mommy/kid activity!
    I like Irene's idea about that light! My nephew does that 5:30 on the dot thing and it drives my SIL nuts!

  3. I totally want to know how to find that light. I honestly would try it.

    Yeah, we all three ended up in the recliner for a while this morning. I got a nap without worrying about the kids, and the girls got some cuddle time. Pretty good deal!

    The cottage totally has tons of potential...I wish it had one more bedroom too - I'd move in! Somebody needs to do it. :)