Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The list in my brain gets overwhelming some days. Actually, today it's a list of lists.

People I need to call back
People I need to see in the next week or so
Things I need to buy
Things I need to do to get money for the things I need to buy (sell junk on Craig's List, get a late check from a student, call back potential new students, etc.)
Meetings I need to go to
Things I need to start packing
Things I need to take to the new house
Things I need to do to the new house
Random errands to run (Gotta get x-rays from old dentist to new dentist)
Chores that need to be done at home

You see how it is.


  1. I feel your pain, chica!

  2. Today was list day for me too!! I volunteered to do tons of baking for the family lake vacation this weekend. Good luck getting everything done!