Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I haven't had time for writing many thought-provoking things lately. (Provoking, maybe, but not thought provoking, right, Christina? :) The past couple of weeks have been a whole lot of keeping my head above water.

The girls are currently napping, which is incredible. Actually, it is carefully planned. I have found that if I take them somewhere as soon as Audrey wakes up from her morning nap, stay out till they're exhausted, then drive home as quickly as I can and put them in bed, they will miraculously nap at the same time. If we don't go anywhere, Hannah falls asleep on the floor somewhere about the time Audrey gets up, and they tag-team naps all day. Fun. So, today was a trip to the childcare at church, provided for Moms who need a day out. (That would be me.) Nice.

The situation with the Jetta has become critical-ish. Our lease is up soon, and because of the hit and run thing that happened, nobody wants to buy our slightly damaged Jetta. So, our choices are to turn it in and pay lots of penalties for too many miles and body damage and then not have a second car, or get another loan. We don't like either option all that much. We're trying to decide what to do. Somehow or other, I am sure God will lead us where we need to go with this, but from our perspective alone it doesn't look too good. Take it from me: no matter how good they make these leases look, don't do one! It is a cleverly disguised way to trap people and thereby rip them off. We learned our lesson well!

A cool thing happened. Our next door neighbors were moving out. We came home that day and they had all their living room furniture out on the front porch. "Need a couch?" They asked us. Why? Turns out they couldn't fit them in the truck they rented to drive to Arizona. So, they gave us their couch, love seat, chair and ottoman, which we were able to sell very quickly. Extra money out of the blue for us, and a new living room set for Liz and Dave and...some other guy who bought the piece they didn't want. :) Thanks, God!

We are having a garage sale on Saturday. Come buy our junk. No, seriously. :)

Just three weeks till we move. I need to start packing now. For real. Although when we moved in here, we packed and moved in three days, and moving day was the fourth day after Audrey was born. I wouldn't recommend doing it this way, but it can be done. Ha! I literally do not remember that moving day.

Our church has found a candidate for the Senior Pastor position. And everybody breathed a sigh of relief! It's time to be out of transition and to move on in my opinion. Plus, the guy they found is fantastic. Nick has been listening to sermons by him all week long. He is sold. Lots of people, including us, thought Pastor Ross (who has been the interim pastor,) would get the job. Everybody was a little shocked when he didn't get a nod. However, he already has a national worship ministry - he's traveling to churches all over the place to encourage them in worship. If he became Sr. Pastor he would have to give that up. Who knows what things will change around New Life, but we're excited to move forward. The new guy will preach three Sundays and then there will be a vote. If he doesn't get confirmed by the vote, the whole process will start again because all the other candidates have been ruled out. Exciting times, I'm tellin ya. We are pretty sure he's pass, no problem. It's time to move on, and the work has been done. Let's trust the people in charge, and the process, and God's direction, and move on.

OK, I suppose I should go organize garage sale things...or else take a nap.


  1. Wow, you have a busy time on your hands. I love moving to new places, but the moving process leaves much to be desired.

    I can't wait to hear how God works out the car situation.

  2. Just for the record, I like a good debate as you know. Just as long as everyone wears their big girl pants we will be fine.

  3. I can't wait either, Pam....Can I be done waiting now? :)

    Christina - Yes, we've had lots of good debates over the years, haven't we? I just like to tease ya. (Can I wear pull-ups? Are those big girl enough? ;)