Friday, August 17, 2007

Our New House

We spent about 5 hours total at our new house yesterday, working on things. There's a reason this place is cheap. There were several gaping holes in the walls/ceiling, the carpet is in bad shape, and the whole place is covered in a layer of grime. Now, I'm not a perfect housekeeper, but if there's grime in my house it better belong to someone in my own family.

So, Nick took on the holes, and half a tub of spackle later, the holes are almost invisible. I scrubbed the kitchen floor and walls and the bathtub and bathroom mini-blinds for a start. We're looking into replacing the carpet (perhaps we can split the cost with the landlord) because there's just no way to live on it in its current state. Maybe during that process, I can actually get something other than carpet in the bathroom. Yuck. Carpet in bathrooms is just gross.

Anyway, lest you think we're about to go live in a dump, with a little money (which in theory we can afford because of how cheap the rent is), a little work, and some imagination, we will have a very cute house with a nice yard, and very little in rent. Two weeks till moving day!

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