Sunday, August 26, 2007

We're siiick.

Ugh. (Read that out loud without breathing through your nose)

We did not manage to escape the nasty cold going around. In addition, Hannah has this weird habit of poking the corner of the tag on her blankie into the corner of her eye. As a result, if pink eye is going around, she gets it. (Any brilliant ideas there? She LOVES her tag.) Therefore to date all four of us have had it. Gross. We are washing hands till they're raw and disinfecting nonstop.

Have I mentioned we're moving in five days?

This is one of those times where relying on my own strength would be comical. When we get through this, well and moved, it will be because of God. And amazingly, to this point I'm trusting fairly well. The tone in our home is upbeat and light. We're in this together. I'm so grateful!

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