Monday, June 15, 2009


I have never experienced so little desire to blog. Kinda funny. I'll give it a try today though. :)
Here's our update:

1. Still working on various projects related to moving. My parents have a ride-on lawnmower that they don't use anymore, and Nick's been working with my dad to try to get it working for two weeks. They have the problem narrowed down to the carburetor, so that's getting rebuilt when the repair guy has time to get to it in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, the grass (read:weeds) is growing very, very tall. I think we're going to hit it with the weed whacker here pretty quickly. But, we've got lots of wildflowers!

2. Our friends Marty and Casey are coming to stay with us next week, as they attend New Life's ENTER worship conference. We're so excited to see them. I used to play keys in Marty's worship band in Tulsa, many moons ago, and Nick did his degree internship with Marty.

3. Nick's birthday was yesterday. We both agreed this year was a bit of a downer in the birthday department. Money's been spent on moving, lots of projects to do, very little time to relax. But, we did get to go down to the reservoir swim beach (which was a little cold, but still fun), and then to see "UP" at the drive in theater. Our friends Rich and Bekah and their kids went with us, as well as my sister Amy and her boyfriend. Aside from the trouble we had finding the drive-in, it was really a fun day. And even getting lost was pretty entertaining. :)

4. I got a few plants and flowers this weekend. I'd LOVE to put in a vegetable garden, but it doesn't seem like it'll happen this year. I have lots of large containers though, so I planted one tomato, one zucchini, a row of bush beans in a long narrow flower pot, and I repotted several houseplants. My spider plant had sort of split itself into three plants, so I pulled them apart and repotted. I got a cheap hanging basket of petunias for the front entry. Now we just need to mow and it'll actually look like someone lives here!

5. Ran into my old piano teacher at Walmart last night. She's lived about 2 minutes from here for the past 5 years. Mildly intimidating, since there's no way I can compete for the limited piano lesson clientele out here. She's been teaching like 30 or 40 years or something and I think has a master's degree. But, she's also the one who told me you couldn't learn to play from chord charts and since that's mainly what I teach now, I feel somewhat redeemed. :)

6. We've decided to take a break from Maeve. We're pulling out of our office before the end of the month and doing remaining fittings at my house. We have two more projects for August weddings and then no more committments. There are various reasons for this, but I feel we've made a really good decision. I thought about being disappointed about it, but the more I've thought about it, none of it was wasted. We learned a ton, created some beautiful things, and we can always go back to it when we're ready. For right now, I'm honestly really looking forward to a peaceful, restful time when I can focus on my husband, kids, and home, and get ready to have a baby. Expect to see me much less frazzled, coming soon. :)

7. The Jetta is broken again. It's right around 100,000 miles, so it was due for issues, I suppose. It overheats when we drive fast and then cools down when we stop or drive slowly. It's weird. But it's kind of a problem since we have to drive 55 to get out to our house now. Between that and the lawnmower, I'm tired of mechanical things, just in general.

That's probably good enough for now. I've missed hearing from you guys! Leave me a comment, just to say hi, if you're up for it. :)


  1. Jasper's Dad was a mechanic in the Army for 22 years which led Jasper to know A LOT about cars. He usually fixes everything himself (if he has the right tools) you should have him come down and take a look at it. Maybe he can help you fix it and you might just have to buy the parts. It would be a lot cheaper than paying for labor at a repair store. Let me know! :)

  2. Howdy! I've not felt like blogging a lot recently either. It could have something to do with the gorgeous weather we've been having and the dress I've been making for Ava for an upcoming wedding we're going to...