Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Update

1. Oh.My.Goodness. We had one of those nights last night. It all started when Nick and I decided to watch Casino Royale (James Bond) at 9:30 after the kids were in bed. We made popcorn. He fell asleep about 30 minutes in, but I of course had to finish the thing. So, they did the things they normally do in Bond movies, tortured and killed a couple of women, almost poisioned Bond to death, you know, the usual. The movie ended at midnight. Then, I got up to grab something to eat and Hannah started crying out in her sleep. Remember, I'm already trying not to be spooked. I went in her room, talked to her about her bad dream and was rubbing her back, when suddenly she sat straight up, screamed her head off, and flailed like she was terrified. I guess she hadn't really been awake? She then ended up in our bed where she kicked and played until probably 3 or 4 and finally asked to be put back in her own bed. The only good part of this story is that Audrey got out of bed at 8 and I put her back and told her to stay there, and they did. Until 10am!

Moral of the story: don't watch yucky movies, particularly until midnight. Not sure how that affected Hannah, but it sure didn't make my life easier. :)

2. Another first fitting tonight. Holly's text to me was, "Oh, man, this dress is pretty." I don't know that Holly has EVER said that about her own work... We also just consulted about this dress. Neat, huh? She's in her mom's 20's style wedding. :) Illustration by the talented Wendy Clum!

3. Pregnancy update: Still feeling good. Had a weird experience last week that turned out to be nothing and I'm very grateful. If I get too hungry I start feeling a little like gagging. Morning sickness set in at 6 weeks with my other two, and we have arrived at that point... It's gonna be great. :) Nick walked up behind me chewing on some chocolate the other night and I almost threw up on him. Heehee...

4. Keeping coming across scammers on Craig's List while I'm looking for houses. Email for info and they write back with these elaborate stories about how they got moved out of the area and now must have all your info before they tell you where the key to their empty house is so you can rent from them sight unseen. Um, yeah. So far I have restrained myself from writing back with some variation of, "Die scamming scumbag!" Ahem. Click delete. (Must be that Bond movie again. ;))

5. Maeve's open house is Saturday the 2nd. We have an event set up on Facebook. If you know anybody who needs a dress (I guess we've moved into formalwear also at this point) tell them to come! Feel free to stop by if you'd just like to say hi and see our office too. :)

6. I'm determined to start packing this week. The past two or three moves, I have left everything to the last minute (imagine that!) and have been packing the day of the move. This time, I'm packing and labeling everything, and then I'm taking the kids and going to my parents' for the day while the guys move stuff. So there! Now if we can just get into the house we love...

Alright. I suppose I should go do something more productive. :)

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  1. The dress is pretty awesome. I love the drawings...very professional and artsy. I'm going to try and stop by Saturday...I'd love to see your little office!

    I can't really say 'yay for morning sickness' because I think it's horrible...but I am happy you're happy. :o) He he!