Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly Update

1. Maeve is in full swing, making the two gowns we have for weddings in April. We try to keep all our appointments to one day/night a week, but you that have kids know that can be a lot. We have a second fitting Saturday.

2. For the past couple of months we have really been needing a vacuum cleaner. We are determined not to go further into debt, so putting one on a credit card isn't an option, and we certainly didn't have the cash to go buy one. I just prayed about it. I prayed when I got frustrated with the dog hair that our ailing vacuum didn't pick up. I prayed while I vacuumed the whole house twice and still it didn't look different. I trusted that God would meet our need, though several times I got very discouraged. A few times I borrowed my parents' Kirby, to keep up with the mess. Then one day when we went to borrow my parents vacuum, my mom mentioned they had another vacuum they weren't using. She wasn't sure it was better than ours, but we could take it. On Saturday we went to pick it up, and yesterday I bought bags for it. At least on our carpet, it works like a dream! I vacuumed the whole house, and even did all the edges with the attachment. I was so excited that I kept going and cleaned the entire house last night. It looks better than it has in a loooong time. Yay God!

3. Tomorrow night we're hiring a line dancing instructor and our small group is going to line dance together. They're all rolling their eyes about it, but really, they're excited. ;) Right, guys?

4. Been applying for jobs on So far, nothing. I did get one response from a woman who is an image consultant in San Fran, who wants someone to do advertising on social networking, and blogging for her. I could totally do that, but she's probably got 10 people that could do it. We'll see... Sounds really fun to me. I'm finding this process to be harder than I expected. I have always thought of myself as having excellent skills, but when everyone under the sun is looking for a job, that's a LOT of competition. I'm working on a profile at They have these skills tests that are....humbling. I remember the Office Team days when I could get 90+ on a typing test, and 95% on a Microsoft Word test...not so long ago...

5. I'm doing a new website for Maeve, using I'm pretty impressed with this program. It's highly flexible, and relatively cheap. We'll finally be able to display the pictures of the gowns in a better way. It should launch in the next couple of days.

6. Go to, sign up, and look at and click on their ads. You can literally make $1.50 in a couple of minutes, and they send it right to your paypal account within a few days. Pretty nifty. I could be wrong, but in my experience they don't even send spam.

Better go dress my kiddos and get ready to teach. Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. hey I just did the thing and made $3.00, it is not a lot but it covers that latte I bought this morning :)

  2. cool. how often can you make 1.50? that could add up...
    oh yes, I'm quite excited about shaking western booty on the line dancing floor...except i don't have any wranglers or cowboy boots!!! What will I wear....

  3. It's kind of irregular, but I think I've made $4 or 5 in the past couple weeks. As my dad likes to say, it's better than a stick in the eye. :)

  4. Oh, I luuuuv line dancing! Hope it's fun!

  5. I'm really excited to see Maeve's new site and can I say...that's the BEST logo ever? I see logos everyday, but none have the same impact as yours-it's perfect!

  6. Cool...I just made $3.65...totally better than a stick in the eye