Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thoughts from Easter

I have been trying all week to write something intelligent and meaningful about Easter. All I can come up with is the type of blog that I, personally, would skim over because it said nothing I haven't already heard a million times. Maybe short thoughts will work better.

Actual Spiritual Thoughts:
1. My Easter always revolves around The Thorn production at New Life, and family get-togethers.
2. I used to be IN The Thorn every year. That was B.C. (Before Children)
3. Seeing the passion over and over again always seemed to help it sink in.
4. I miss having that time to think about it. My friend Kim who is Catholic blogged about the three hours of silence they observe on Good Friday. Why don't we all do that?
5. There was NO OTHER WAY for us to be reconciled to God, except for Christ to endure what He did. He didn't want to do it, but He knew he had to, so He did. I'm so grateful.

Related Rather Un-Spiritual Thoughts:
1. Most old people become really funny. Can we grow older without becoming stubborn and unhappy? I hope so.
2. Hannah on Peeps is not very fun.
3. My siblings and parents are great. We had one of the best get-togethers I can remember.
4. When will Colorado quit pretending it is winter in April?
5. My mom made an awesome gluten-free meal. Wow, was that nice.
6. My mom and sisters and I are starting a business. It's gonna be cool. Details to follow.

Hope you had a great Easter

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