Thursday, December 28, 2006

necklaces for christmas

necklaces for christmas, originally uploaded by sakalomi.

Everybody has theories about these things, I know, but I'm raising two little girls. I tell ya, the feminine thing is in the genes. Before she can even talk much, she'll wear necklaces. All day long. It takes so little encouragement from me that I can't help but think she would do it without me. Girls love to feel beautiful.

After both of my babies, I had to work through my sense of femininity. I read somewhere a woman said, "I feel like a household appliance." There's the dishwasher, the microwave, the refridgerator, and the mom. But I'm still a woman, and a wife. I feel so much better about life when doing my hair and makeup, wearing pretty things and taking occasional long baths are non-negotiables. It's at the deepest part of who we are. Do you feel pretty?

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